Welcome to the Luca Lab new site!

We are interested in understanding the genetic and molecular basis of inter-individual and inter-population differences in complex phenotypes of biomedical interest.

We combine evolutionary and functional genomics approaches to study intermediate phenotypes (e.g.: transcription factor binding, gene expression, chromatin accessibility) and how they are affected by gene-environment interactions.

Recent Publications

Interpreting coronary artery disease risk through gene-environment interactions in gene regulation.
Findley et al. doi:10.1101/475483.

High throughput characterization of genetic effects on DNA:protein binding and gene transcription.
Kalita et al 2018 Genome Res.
doi: 10.1101/gr.237354.118.

Gut microbiota has a widespread and modifiable effect on host gene regulation
Richards et al. doi: 10.1101/210294.

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